Prevention is better than a cure

Your benefits with Metrohm Quality Service:

  • Care Contracts
  • Software Care
  • Compliance Service
  • Remote Support
  • Dosing Test
  • Repair Service
  • Spare Parts
  • Application Support
  • Training Programs

The most effective way of ensuring a smooth and trouble-free production facility is to ensure that all equipment is properly monitored and all necessary maintenance actions are taken according to an appropriate schedule. 

Metrohm Quality Service stands for service that simplifies your daily work in the laboratory, makes it safer, and, above all, more predictable. 

  • Insurance for a longer lifetime of your Metrohm Instrument
  • Your software runs at peak performance
  • Documented accuracy and precision for your burette/dosing unit
  • The easy way to compliant IQ/OQ documentation in regulated environments
  • Expert support is just a phone call away

Depend on us for peace of mind expertise for the entire lifetime of your instrument. Our engineers are qualified to maintain all our instruments, including BioSystems, Retsch, Retsch Technology exclusively by Metrohm ANZ and Milestone by Metrohm Australia.

Contact us on: 
T | (+61) 02 8899 5250 
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