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Milestone help chemists provide the most innovative Microwave technology for sample preparation for trace metal analysis and direct mercury analysis.

Our commitment is to consistently provide scientific and industrial communities with the most effective, safe and productive instruments. Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion for ICP analysis, Microwave Extraction, Direct Mercury Analysis, Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Microwave Ashing covering various industries such as; environmental, cannabis, food and feed, pharmaceuticals (USP <232> <233>), polymers, petrochemical, and academia.

Milestone instruments, service and support in Australia are provided exclusively by Metrohm Australia. Contact us for more information! 


Compact Microwave Digestion System

  • COMPACT & ECONOMICAL | Quality and reliability of Milestone with a lean investment and footprint. 
  • SMART | Get complete digestion via an intuitive software that controls all digestion parameters.
  • PLUG & PLAY | Up-and-running from day one with the ease of use of all ETHOS LEAN components.
  • EXPERTISE | Access the info you need, when you need - at your side 24/7.
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    Milestone Solutions

    Milestone Digestion

    Microwave Digestion

    Effective microwave digestion is the first and fundamental step for successful sample preparation for ICP-MS analysis as well as AA/ICP-OES.

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    Milestone Extraction

    Microwave Extraction

    Microwave assisted extraction (MAE) plays a key role in maximising the efficiency of your sample preparation process. 

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    Milestone Mercury

    Mercury Analysis

    Direct mercury analysis requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as 6 minutes per sample making it significantly faster than traditional wet chemistry.

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    Milestone Ashing

    Microwave Ashing

    Milestone Ashing System offers an excellent alternative to conventional muffle furnace techniques. Our solution helped laboratories to optimise processes like residue on ignition and loss on ignition (LOI).

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    Milestone Synthesis

    Microwave Synthesis

    Microwave technology is changing the way to design and optimise synthetic protocols as well as their scaling up to multi-gram production.

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    Milestone Clean

    Clean Chemistry

    Milestone Clean Chemistry Line offers innovative and complete portfolio of systems and accessories for analytical blank control and reduction in ultra-trace elemental analysis.

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