Voltammetry and Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping

Our expertise in voltammetry

Our expertise in CVS

Cyclic Voltammetry & Pulse Voltammetry
Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) and pulse voltammetry are arguably the most widely used electrochemical techniques in the world.  

CV is mostly the starting point for most of the electrochemical experiments, and its sensitivity is in the range of 10-4 mol/L. Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS) is a special type of CV technique, which Metrohm incorporated for the determination of organic additives such as levelers, suppressors and brighteners in electroplating industries, electrorefining, electrowinning etc. 

Pulse Voltammetry techniques (Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV) & Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV)) are trace (10-7 mol/L) and ultra-trace (10-8 mol/L) techniques which Metrohm heavily uses for the trace and ultra-trace determination of heavy metals and other electrochemically active substances

Using our long-standing expertise Metrohm offers state-of-the-art instrumentation for both VA/CVS instruments and portable VA analyser

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Have a look at the broad choice of electrodes Metrohm offers for virtually any conceivable application.

Metrohm electrodes


Analyze aerosols by ion chromatography and voltammetry: PILS transfers aerosols into a liquid sample stream, making them accessible for trace analysis.

Particle Into Liquid Sampler

Sample preparation

Dealing with organically contaminated samples? Metrohm’s UV digester leaves them ready for voltammetric trace analysis.

Sample preparation


Benefit from the combined strengths of voltammetry and ion chromatography with VoltIC for a powerful trace analysis.

VoltIC systems