Customer Testimonials

In the UK and Ireland well-known companies of all sizes rely on Metrohm equipment and trust our specialists. A selection of customer reviews can be found below. 

See for yourself what makes Metrohm special.  

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South East Water IC

"For Robustness and Precision we chose Metrohm IC" John Robertson, Senior Chemist, Water Quality, South East Water

South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to 2.1 million customers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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David Norris IC
“I would only recommend Metrohm as your partner in IC”  David Norris, Managing Director, David Norris Analytical Laboratories

David Norris Analytical Laboratories is a privately owned, independent laboratory specialising in GLP Compliant Five Batch Analysis and Formulation Storage Stability Trials for the Agrochemical Industry.

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Sembcorp IC
“We chose Metrohm IC as it is a robust instrument that is very reliable with a good suppressor lifetime.”  Brian Walker, Analytical Team Leader, SembCorp Utilities Ltd.

Sembcorp use Metrohm IC to accurately measure Halides in demineralised water, waste water and Biomass samples.

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Carrington Power Station IC
“The training provided during installation was excellent”  Dr. Fiona Spellissy BSc, MSc, PhD. Station Chemist/Environmental Coordinator at Carrington Power Station, Manchester.

Carrington Power Station is a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station, which was completed in Autumn 2016 and began commercial operation on 18 September 2016.

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Bardyke Chemicals IC
“The level of automation has proved invaluable” Michelle Higgins, Laboratory Manager, Barkyke Chemicals.

Bardyke Chemicals, founded in 1968 is a chemical manufacturing company based in Blantyre near Glasgow. The company specialises in developing and manufacturing copper compounds.

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Newcastle University IC

“Easy operation, high accuracy and a stable baseline” Dr. Eileen Yu, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, Newcastle University.

The School of Engineering at Newcastle University use Metrohm IC for research purposes. 

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University of Huddersfield IC
“With Metrohm you get the full package” Dr Simon Rout, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, University of Huddersfield.

The University of Huddersfield use Metrohm IC for research purposes.

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“I am genuinely impressed with the expertise of Metrohm.”  Lee Mallard, Senior Analytical Chemist, Uniper Technologies Limited

Uniper Technologies Limited successfully deliver specialist engineering and asset management projects for the energy industry.

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waste research small image

"I would recommend Metrohm for the competitive price and helpful after service care.” Angela Pearson, Laboratory Manager, Waste Research Ltd.

Waste Research Ltd. analyse solid recovered fuel for the waste industry.

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EDF IC Set up
“Metrohm UK is a highly recommended supplier of analytical equipment” Lukasz Grzybowski PhD MRSC, Support Chemist, EDF Energy (Thermal Generation) Limited

West Burton B CCGT is EDF Energy's only gas-fired power station, located in Nottinghamshire. It has three combined cycle units capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 1.5 million UK homes.

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metrohm ion chromatography installation
“Robust and easy to use” Teresa Needham, Lab Manager School of Geography, University of Nottingham.

The University of Nottingham use Metrohm IC to determine chloride, nitrate, phosphate and sulfate in environmental waters.

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oil analysis laboratories logo
The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassedAdam Cutler, Director, Oil Analysis Laboratories.

Oil Analysis Laboratories was established in 2018 to deliver unique oil testing services to predict failures far earlier than traditional analysis programmes.

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The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed” Adam Cutler, Director, Oil Analysis Laboratories.
The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed” Adam Cutler, Director, Oil Analysis Laboratories.
The support we get from Metrohm is unsurpassed” Adam Cutler, Director, Oil Analysis Laboratories.

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