875 KF Gas Analyser

The 875 KF Gas Analyser from Metrohm is a fully automated solution to determine trace levels of water in liquefied and permanent gases.

Applying coulometric Karl Fischer titration, this instrument allows quick (< 5 minutes) and accurate analyses. The KF Gas Analyser is suitable for a variety of gas types.

Key features

  • Straightforward, fully automated analysis thanks to software control
  • Robust, safe system suitable for high gas pressures
  • Complete system integrated into one housing
  • Accurate analysis of various gases (natural gas, LPG, refrigerants, petrochemicals, etc.)

An analyser for many gas types

The 875 KF Gas Analyser enables you to measure trace levels of water in a variety of gases by means of coulometric titration.

Thanks to the built-in evaporator, liquefied gases can also be analyzed.

Gases that can be analyzed with the 875 KF Gas Analyser include:

  • natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas
  • petrochemicals: propane, propene, butane (as per ASTM D7995), butene, butadiene
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons: methyl chloride, ethyl chloride, vinyl chloride
  • refrigerants: CFC, HFC, and CHC compounds.
  • other gases: dimethyl ether, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and others
875 KF Gas Analyzer curve

A system built to last

The 875 KF Gas Analyser comes with a series of features that make the analysis robust and safe: All components are contained in one housing, and the electronic parts and the gas-carrying parts of the instrument are physically separated. In addition, this instrument can handle gas pressures up to 40 bar.

Furthermore, the 875 KF Gas Analyser is highly dependable: a built-in oil filter makes sure that residual oil is removed from the gas, and the inlet filter prevents particulate matter from clogging up the piping.
875 KF Gas Analyzer without hood

A ready-made, automated, and fast solution: let the system do the work

With an 875 KF Gas Analyser, you can start analysing right away.

You get a fully assembled system and preconfigured methods. Using the analyser couldn’t be easier – operation is fully automated thanks to software-controlled magnetic valves and a mass flow controller. After having started the method, you will obtain the results in just five minutes.

875 KF Gas Analyzer complete system