We are pleased to announce another season of Metrohm Young Chemist award in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT B). This contest is a privileged platform for young aspiring minds in the scientific fraternity to present their research work to the distinguished Jury panel at IIT Bombay. The basic objective of this contest is to support and honour the ongoing researches and related contribution in the Chemistry domain.

And the winners are -

Congratulations to the winners!

Winner 1 - Ms. Madhurantakam Sasya from SASTRA University for research on Fabrication of mediator-free hybrid nano-interfaced electrochemical biosensor for monitoring cancer cell proliferation

Winner 2 - Dr. Namrata Singh from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for research on uncovering the role of an antioxidant nanozyme that provides cytoprotection in Parkinson’s Disease model

Winner 3 - Ms. Ankita Kolay from Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad for research on new Photoelectrochromic device with chromatic Silica/Tungsten Oxide/Copper Hybrid film and photovoltaic polymer/quantum dot sensitized anode