O2-Lumitrode – introducing the fastest sensor for dissolved oxygen

Available with the 913 pH/DO Meter and 914 pH/DO/Conductometer

New meter for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement
Metrohm is pleased to present the new handheld 913 pH/DO Meter and the 914 pH/DO/Conductometer.

The new, combined meters feature the O2-Lumitrode. Due to its very short response time, this optical sensor for measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water or any other liquid is the fastest of its kind on the market.

Handheld excellence made in Switzerland

With the 913 pH/DO Meter, users can measure the pH value and the concentration of dissolved oxygen simultaneously in the same sample. Using the 914 pH/DO/Conductometer, the pH value, concentration of dissolved oxygen, and conductivity can be measured on the same instrument. When measuring the oxygen concentration in solutions with a high content of salt, the influence of the salt present in the sample can be compensated automatically on the 914 pH/DO/Conductometer by simultaneously performing a conductivity measurement.

Always reliable results

The new, combined meters from Metrohm feature the O2-Lumitrode, an optical sensor for measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water or other liquid samples. Due to its short response time, the O2-Lumitrode is the fastest sensor of its kind on the market. It is maintenance free, as the sensor cap with the measuring optics is simply exchanged when it is exhausted. Continuous monitoring of the sensor performance safeguards reliable results, as users are informed automatically when the sensor cap has to be exchanged.

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