Standards relating to solvent analysis

Parameter Standard
pH value
ASTM D4584
Electrocoat baths
Conductivity ASTM D2448
Water-soluble salts in pigments
Acid number ASTM D1613 Volatile solvents, chemical intermediates used in paint  Titration
ASTM D974 General
ASTM D664 Petrochemical products
ASTM D3444 Trichlorotrifluoroethane
ISO 3682 Binders, paints, and varnishes
Acidity ASTM D1613 (in ASTM E202) Ethylene glycols and propylene glycols
ASTM D2989 Halogenated organic solvents and admixtures thereof
ASTM E2679 Mono-, di-,tri- and tetraethylene glycol
Alkalinity in ASTM  D1208 Pigments
Acid and base milliequivalent content ASTM D4370 Electrocoat bath
Hydroxyl number ISO 4629 Paints and varnishes
DIN 53240 Paints and varnishes
Hydroxyl groups ASTM E1899 General
Percent Hydroxyl ASTM D5897 Cellulose Esters
Saponification number ASTM D464 Pine chemical products
ISO 3681 Binders for paints and varnishes
Iodine number ASTM D5554 Fats and oils
Bromine index ASTM D1492 Aromatic hydrocarbons
Calcium, zinc ASTM D2613 Paint driers
Iron ASTM D3804 Paint driers
Zirconium ASTM D3969 Paint driers
Vanadium ASTM D3988 Paint driers
Total rare earth ASTM D3989 Paint driers
Liquid paint dryers ASTM D564 Liquid paint dryers
Pyridine Bases ASTM D4471 Cresylic acids
Zinc oxide, phosphorous acid ASTM D4450 Zinc hydroxyl phosphite pigment
Water content
ASTM D1364 Volatile solvents  Karl Fischer titration
ASTM D1631 Phenol
ASTM D4017 Paints
ASTM D3401 Halogenated organic solvents
ASTM E1064 Organic liquids
ASTM E1064 in ASTM E202 Ethylene glycols and propylene glycols
ASTM E203 General
ASTM E222 General
ASTM D7375 Aromatic hydrocarbons
ISO 760 General
ISO 3699 Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
DIN 51777-1/2 Mineral oil hydrocarbons and solvents
Anions ASTM D5794 Electrocoat bath Ion chromatography
Chloride ASTM E2469 Mono-, di-,tri- and tetraethylene glycol
Fluorine, chlorine, sulfur ASTM D7359 Aromatic hydrocarbons Combustion ion chromatography
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) DIN EN ISO 16773 Paints and varnishes Galvanostats