Free Webinar: Advances in Electrochemical Corrosion Research
21/8/2020 - 21/8/2020 (Singapore, Webinar)

In contrast to the traditional corrosion testing techniques such as weight loss and spray test analysis, ASTM based electrochemical analysis techniques provide accurate and reproducible quantitative data. The advancement in the field of electrochemical corrosion analysis has provided game changing solutions in the development of inhibitors, power-plant safety, automobile coatings, marine engineering, metallurgy and much more.

We hereby invite you for an educational webinar hosted by Metrohm Singapore entitled “Advances in Electrochemical Corrosion Research” on Friday 21st August 2020 at featuring: 

1. Introduction to ASTM based electrochemical corrosion measurement

2. Advancement in last decade for the tailored solutions in corrosion research

3. One modular setup for the development of ASTM grade Corrosion Testing Lab:

  • Fully automated linear polarization analysis for quantifying polarization resistance

  • Advanced electrochemical impedance technique for studying inhibitors, coatings and films

  • Electrochemical Noise Analysis in plug-n-play fashion

  • Critical Pitting Test Analysis of solid samples

  • SECM based corrosion analysis

SLOT 1: 11am to 12pm (Singapore Standard Time)

SLOT 2: 2pm to 3pm (Singapore Standard Time)

Dr. Ritesh N Vyas

The Speaker 

Dr. Ritesh Vyas is a Ph.D in electrochemistry from Lamar University, TX. Since 2008, he has been a Senior Scientist at Whirlpool Corp. followed by a Product Manager for electrochemistry at Metrohm USA & India. During past 10 years, he has been an active ambassador of ‘applied’ electrochemistry education at a variety of international shows / conferences across the globe. Just recently awarded as one of the global experts for electrochemistry instrumentation, currently he is MSPL Asia Pacific Product Manager for electrochemistry.