Metrohm Moisture Plus: Multi-parameter analysis in seconds

Metrohm’s Moisture Plus near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy changes the way you do moisture analysis. It combines Karl Fischer titration, the gold standard for moisture analysis, with other analyses for different chemical and physical parameters into a single NIR measurement.

This approach increases speed and lowers overall measurement costs. Most companies see a full return on their investment in less than a year due to increased productivity and profitability.


The Moisture Plus method

Moisture Plus allows you to replace several primary methods with one NIR Moisture Plus measurement. Using NIR you can combine Karl Fischer titration with other measurements like GC and HPLC separations, and more to increase speed and decrease cost.

In just a few seconds, one beam of light will give you the same information as two, three or even four analytical instruments.

Moisture Plus Benefits

  • Speed – One measurement provides many parameters
  • Savings – Reduce or eliminate costly reagents and instrument consumables
  • Safety – Decrease hazardous solvent use, waste, and associated handling risks
nirs process

Software & Hardware Advantages

  • Rugged instruments with industry leading sensitivity are suitable for the lab or the process line
  • Intuitive touch screen software is easily implemented at all user levels
  • Advanced data management and reporting tools simplify compliance

Superior Support & Service

  • Metrohm Applications Specialists provide method development and analysis support
  • Customized training to make sure you get what you need from your instrument
  • Total Care Plus service contracts deliver higher up-time

Moisture Plus: More Samples – Better Quality Control

  • Reduce the burden on the QA/QC lab
  • Move routine measurements from the lab to the process line
  • Optimize your manufacturing processes to increase yields and tighten product specifications

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