Standards for feedstock analysis

Parameter Standard Matrix Method
Acid number
ASTM D4662 Polyol (in PU production)
Acidity ASTM D5629
ASTM D6099
ISO 14898
Low-acidity aromatic isocyanates and PU prepolymers
Moderate- to high-acidity aromatic isocyanates
Aromatic isocyanates in PU production
Free acidity DIN EN ISO 1061 Unplasticized cellulose acetate
Alkalinity/basicity ASTM D4662
ASTM D6979
ISO 14899
ASTM D6437
Polyol (in PU production)
Total aldehydes ASTM D7704 Styrene monomer
Total chlorine ASTM D4661 Isocyanates
Hydrolyzable chlorine ASTM D4663 Isocyanates
Degree of unsaturation ISO 17710
ASTM D4671
Polyol (in PU production)
Hydroxyl groups ASTM E1899 Polyol (in PU production)
Hydroxyl number ASTM D4274
ISO 14900
ASTM D6342
ISO 15063
Polyol (in PU production) Titration
Permanganate absorption number ISO 8660 Caprolactam Photometry
Water ASTM D5460
ASTM D4672
ISO 14897
Rubber additives
Polyol (in PU production)
Polyol (in PU production)