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Training tailored to your needs

The Metrohm Academy is a state of the art training program covering the theory and practical operation of Metrohm analytical systems and their applications.

Our experts draw upon years of industry and educational experience to provide the practical, hands-on, real-world training needed to make you the expert on your system.  

Our courses encompass ion chromatography, titration, spectroscopy,  automation and software.

Metrohm Academy

What we offer you 

Training at Our Locations

Seminars at the Metrohm Academy

Experience distraction-free training at our state of the art training centers.

Come with questions, leave with answers and confidence. We strive to make our training relevant, with real-world applications, providing you information you can take home to use in your lab. Trainings are offered in our Tampa, Florida headquarters and our Houston, Texas regional office.

Free webinars at our Webinar Center

Check out our Webinar Center and find videos on a variety of topics and techniques.

The recorded webinars cover theoretical and practical aspects of analytical techniques, industry-specific applications, troubleshooting, and more.

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Training at Your Location

Metrohm Academy Trainer

On-site training tailored to your needs.

Let us come to your facility. If you have multiple technicians running an instrument, an on-site training may be the best way to bring your whole team up to speed at one time. We offer onsite training in titration, ion chromatography and spectroscopy. Reach out to your local sales representative for more information.

Training at Metrohm International HQ (Herisau, Switzerland)