Bottletop Dispensers

Enjoy reliable and convenient reagent dispensing.

Brinkmann bottletop dispensers and ChemSaver dispensers offer you unique and useful features for reliable and convenient reagent dispensing. They are ideal for dispensing aliquots of liquid from large supply bottles—extracting reproducible dispensing volumes without reagent waste. They also ensure the best possible protection for you and your laboratory when working with caustic liquids such as solvents. For the utmost in safety, they feature extremely high chemical resistance and can be autoclaved (refer to manual).

Bottletop Dispensers

Key Features

  • Telescopic filling tube
  • Modular construction allows simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Rapid volume setting
  • Adapters and accessories allow connection to almost any size reagent bottle
  • Support sleeve surrounds the discharge tubing to restrict movement
  • Available in adjustable- and fixed-volume sizes covering the range from 2.5 to 100 ml
  • Dispenser rotates 360°
  • Volume adjustment sleeve also rotates 360°
  • Fully autoclavable without having to loosen valves or disassemble

A wide range of adapters and accessories to expand your applications

Drying tube connects directly to the back of the dispenser and protects sensitive reagents from moisture or CO2.
Extended 80 cm discharge tube is perfect for convenient repetitive dispensing into racked tubes or vials.
Membrane filter port provides easy attachment of standard syringe filters—also protects sterile solutions from airborne contamination.
Bottletop adapters are available in a variety of sizes, allowing connection of your Brinkmann bottletop dispenser and ChemSaver® dispenser to almost any size reagent bottle.
Botletop accessories

ChemSaver models offer you even more

The ChemSaver’s recirculating safety valve channels reagent back into the bottle during priming—eliminating the waste that typically results from preparing the dispenser for use. ChemSaver models also feature finer volume adjustments for working with viscous and/or high-density solutions.

Additional product features of ChemSaver dispensers:
  • Recirculating safety valve channels reagent waste back into the bottle during priming
  • Fine adjustments make ChemSaver ideal for dispensing viscous or high-density liquids
Brinkmann Chemsaver Bottletop Dispenser