Dosimat plus: making dosing easy

Taking care of all kinds of dosing and liquid handling tasks, Dosimat plus instruments are indispensable in many modern laboratories.

Used as an independent system, the Dosimat plus is a manually controlled dosing instrument. If you are already using a Titrino or Titrino plus titrator in your lab, you can use the Dosimat plus as an automated dosing device for your titrator.

For improved user comfort, you can connect a keyboard, a computer mouse, or a printer via USB. Dosimat plus instruments feature four dosing modes for the different applications.
Dosmiat plus instrument with operator

Key features

  • Easy liquid handling for routine tasks
  • User-friendly operation through optional auxiliary devices
  • High precision thanks to intelligent Exchange Unit
  • Four dosing modes covering specific applications

Improved precision and convenience in routine liquid handling

With a Dosimat plus, you can make your work easier while increasing precision and accuracy – the Exchange Units used are capable of dosing with a precision of 10000 increments per cylinder volume.

What’s more: the Dosimat plus is very easy to install, and stirrers and printers that can be optionally connected are recognized and configured automatically.

Four dosing modes for different applications

Thanks to the four dosing modes of the Dosimat plus, you can perform a wide range of tasks:
  • DOS (Dosing): Dosing at the push of a button. This mode is particularly suitable for manual titrations with a color indicator.
  • XDOS (Extended Dosing): With this mode, you can specify the parameters volume, dosing rate, and dosing time. In this way, you are able to dose a fixed volume at a specific rate, to perform time-controlled dosing, or to dose at a constant rate.
  • CNT D (Content Dosing): Use this mode if you want to prepare standards or other solutions. Using the amount of the starting substance and the desired concentration, the instrument can automatically determine the volume that needs to be added.
  • LQT (Liquid Transfer): This mode is used for pipetting and diluting applications.