Advanced IC Training Course
2019-09-17 09:00 AM - 2019-09-18 04:00 PM (Woodmead - Johannesburg, South Africa)

Waters’ Empower software integrates Metrohm ion chromatography systems
Why should you attend this advanced IC Training Course?  

So you have the latest Metrohm IC instrument in your lab but your colleagues in R&D, Production, etc would like to know if there is more that can be done on the system.

In addition, you would like to simplify the operating procedures for the junior technicians while educating them about the intricate components that make up the IC system. 

Perhaps you need guidance on identifying the source of problems so that you can make smart trouble-shooting decisions.

Perhaps there is a “skills deficit” in the lab that has resulted in poor system maintenance as well as numerous delays in generating accurate, reliable results leading to internal strife between colleagues and departments. 

The burden is now on you to solve all of these problems, optimising lab output and thereby maximising the return on investment.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. At Metrohm we understand your pain and therefore have pleasure in inviting you to this “Advanced”, practical, hands-on IC training course. This is probably one of the best HR investments your company will make in 2019, in line with the SETA-enforced Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) so make sure you inform your Manager, Training Coordinator and HR department about this and other courses from Metrohm.

Description of the Training Course

  • This TWO day course is the ideal opportunity for experienced users of Metrohm IC systems to elevate their knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of IC.
  • What are the peaks telling me about the state of my column and IC system as a whole?
  • How careful selection & preparation of the eluent can affect retention time and peak separation. 
  • Understanding the importance of the Suppressor and how to ensure that the Suppressor is always working optimally,
  • Identifying samples that could foul up the system and how to deal with them,
  • How to optimise peak integration , calibration and thus quality of analytical results,
  • What to do when things go wrong (Trouble-shooting),
  • Challenge (Assessment exercise)
  • Hints & Tips

Delegates will be split into small groups per instrument so that all have ample time for practical training.  We guarantee that delegates will leave empowered to make a significant difference in the output / efficiency of the IC systems in your lab while positively influencing the triple bottom line of the company.

The immediate benefits:

  • Greater awareness of the various components that make up an IC system,
  • How to protect these components thereby prolonging the life of the system while generating reliable, accurate results consistently.
  • How to maximise its potential, e.g. faster run times, automated start-up & calibration while you’re still in bed, automatic dilution of out of spec results, ……

Delegates will receive personalised tutoring from Metrohm specialists, coupled with take-home SOP’s as well as challenging exercises to ensure adequate knowledge transfer that does not end on the day but has practical relevance long into the future.

Details of the event:

17-18 September 2019

Registration from - 09:00 AM 

Course starts promptly at 09:30, ends at 16:00

1 Bridle Close, Woodmead Office Park

Van Reenen’s Avenue, Woodmead

Cost: Can you put a price on improved Productivity / Efficiency? Probably not, but to avoid adding to inflation woes we are keeping the costs at 2018 rates!

R4000.00 per delegate, ex VAT. 

Pssst – if you bought a Metrohm IC system in the course of this year, you can send one delegate to this course free of charge.

Advanced IC Training Course

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