Pre-calibrations for Vision Air Vis-NIR spectroscopy software

Industry-specific software solutions for near-infrared spectroscopy tailored to the needs of users.

Pre-calibrations for NIR spectroscopy offer you a ready-to-use solution to determine multiple quality parameters in specific industries.

With these calibration packages, you can skip method development and obtain precise and accurate results from day one.

UV/Vis spectroscopy analyzer in use with Vision spectroscopy software

Benefits of pre-calibrations for Vision Air

  • Immediately ready to measure:
    No method development required
  • Easy to install:
    One-click import into Vision Air software
  • Flexible use:
    Quality control of finished or intermediate products and measurements in the field.
  • Condensed know-how:
    Robust methods based on many real samples measured.

No time-consuming method development required

Import the configuration file into the intuitive Vision Air software and you are ready to measure.

Your entire NIRS system is configured for the specific measurement immediately after the Pre-calibration package has been installed.

Solutions for many industry-specific applications

A multitude of application areas.

From raw materials inspection in the cosmetics and personal care industry and quality control of finished and intermediate product analysis in the polymer industry to mobile analysis of fuels – our pre-calibrations cover it all.

> Overview of all industry-specific pre-calibrations

Robust methods and accurate measurements

The result of many years of experience.

Our pre-calibrations are based on numerous spectra from real samples. They therefore offer sufficient robustness for your specific application and provide you with reliable results from the start.