Professional VA/CVS instruments

Our Professional range of voltammetry and CVS systems contains a wealth of functionality on a small space: voltammetric trace analysis of metal ions and other substances and determination of organic additives in electroplating baths with cyclic voltammetric stripping.

Building on Metrohm’s long expertise in voltammetry, this instrument is designed to offer more: more flexibility, more convenience, and more security.

Professional VA/CVS instruments for voltammetric trace analysis, polarography, and the determination of organic additives in electroplating baths.

Key features

  • Compact instruments with small footprint
  • Modular design: Customize your system with automation options
  • Manual, semiautomated, and fully automated setups available
  • Exchangeable measuring head for fast and easy switching between applications
  • viva software for full system control
  • Built-in calibrator for guaranteed accuracy and reliability

Systèmes Professional VA/CVS Instruments (11)

884 Professional VA semiautomated pour CVS

Le 884 Professional VA semiautomated pour CVS est un analyseur de routine high-end confortable pour les déterminations des additifs organiques dans les bains galvaniques avec la voltampérométrie cyclique inverse (Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping = CVS), la voltampérométrie cyclique inverse pulsée (Cyclic Pulse Voltammetric Stripping = CPVS) et la chronopotentiométrie (CP) ou les déterminations de métaux lourds par voltampérométrie avec des électrodes à disque tournantes. La technique éprouvée des électrodes de Metrohm associée à un potentiostat/galvanostat dont la conception est entièrement nouvelle et le logiciel viva extrêmement performant fait entrevoir de nouvelles perspectives dans la CVS. Le potentiostat avec un calibrateur certifié se réajuste avant chaque mesure automatiquement et garantit la plus grande exactitude possible. L'entrée de mesure de température intégrée permet de contrôler la température de la solution pendant la mesure.Cet appareil permet également de réaliser des déterminations voltampérométriques à l'aide de l'électrode Multi Mode ou scTRACE Gold. La tête de mesure amovible permet un changement rapide entre les différentes applications avec électrodes différentes.Deux 800 Dosino fournis permettent l'addition automatique des solutions auxiliaires en cours de détermination, par exemple de VMS, de solutions standard ou d'échantillons pour la technique de titrage par dilution (DT).Le logiciel viva est nécessaire pour contrôler, collecter et évaluer les données.Le 884 Professional VA semiautomated pour CVS est livré avec de nombreux accessoires et une tête de mesure pour les électrodes à disque tournantes. Le jeu d'électrodes et la licence viva doivent être commandés séparément.
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The 884 Professional VA system: for all voltammetry and CVS applications

The 884 Professional VA covers the entire range of voltammetric analysis from voltammetry and polarography to Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping (CVS).

This system can be used to analyze:

  • trace levels of, e.g., cadmium, lead, nickel, cobalt, or iron, in sea water, salts, and high-purity chemicals,
  • organic additives, e.g., suppressors, brighteners, and levelers, in electroplating solutions (by CVS),
  • various transition metal ions in water samples,
  • additives and impurities in electroplating solutions,
  • copper and iron in boiler feed water,
  • ultra-trace levels of metal species in sea water,
  • and more.

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  • Detection limits for the 884 Professional VA

The 894 Professional CVS system: specializing in electroplating bath analysis

The 894 Professional CVS is a made-to-measure CVS instrument for the electroplating industry that masters large sample loads and changing applications.

It is the equipment of choice for the analysis of electroplating baths, e.g. to determine the concentration of:

  • brighteners,
  • suppressors,
  • or levelers.

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Save time and improve security with automation

Professional VA/CVS systems can be customized with automation and liquid handling modules.

User interaction can be reduced by using Metrohm’s Dosinos for automatic dosing of sample and auxiliary solutions for more convenience and measurement security. You can further complete your system’s liquid handling with pumps for automatic rinsing. Optional level sensors send out timely warnings when waste containers are full and prevent them from overflowing.

You can get your system exactly as you need it:

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Cyclic voltammetric stripping for brightener, suppressor, and leveler determination in electroplating baths

User-friendly viva software for full control and full security

Get full control of your voltammetric and CVS determinations with viva:

  • Adapt the methods to your lab requirements,
  • Set all relevant parameters,
  • Evaluate data and create user-specific results,
  • Manage your data in the database,
  • Create customized reports,
  • Ensure data security in your lab via specific user rights,
  • Automatically adjust the method settings to the sample properties.

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Screenshot of standard addition in viva voltammetry software

And there's more …

884 Professional VA with calibration certificates

Built-in calibrator for guaranteed reliability

The 894 and 884 instruments are equipped with an integrated, certified calibrator that adjusts the potentiostat before each measurement. Environmental influences (temperature and humidity) are eliminated.

More than one application? No problem!

Switch between applications quickly and easily thanks to exchangeable measuring heads.

All electrodes and tubing connections are replaced in three simple steps.

Electrodes for voltammetry and CVS

Find the right electrode for your voltammetry, polarography, and Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping in our Electrode Finder. 

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