In compliance with international standards


     Requirements and test methods
Test method Method EN 14214
EN 14213
ASTM D6751
ASTM D7467
EN 590 
Acid number Titration EN 14104
ASTM D664 
Iodine number Titration EN 14111
Water content KFTcoulometric EN ISO 12937  √   EN ISO 12937
Oxidation stability Oxidation stability EN 15751 
(EN 14112) 
 EN 15751
(EN 14112)
EN 15751a 
Free and total glycerol content Ion chromatography
 √ ASTM D7591  – 
Alkali metal and alkaline
earth metal content
Ion chromatography
 √ √  – 
Antioxidant content Ion chromatography recommended
 recommended recommended 
Sulfur content CIC √  √   √

Applies to pure biodiesel and blends that contain at least 2% (v/v) biodiesel


    Requirements and test methods 
Test method Method EN 15376 ASTM D4806
ASTM D5798 
pHe  value
pHe value
EN 15490
ASTM D6423 
DIN 51627-4
Total acid number and acidity Titration EN 15491  ASTM D1613
Inorganic chloride content Titration EN 15484 ASTM D512 
Total inorganic sulfate content Titration ASTM D7318 
Water content KFTcoulometric
EN 15489
ASTM E1064
Inorganic chloride content Ion chromatography
EN 15492
ASTM D7319
ASTM D7328
Total and potential inorganic
sulfate content
Ion chromatography EN 15492 ASTM D7319
ASTM D7328 
Sulfur content CIC  √
Copper content Voltammetry √ 

KFT = Karl Fischer Titration, CIC = Combustion Ion Chromatography