Thermoprobe HF

Thermoprobe HF
Artikkelnummer: 6.9011.040

High-sensitivity temperature sensor for thermometric titrations with an 859 Titrotherm in HF-containing media.
The Thermoprobe has a short response time and a high resolution, which enables the precise recording of even the smallest temperature changes.
This sensor can be used in acidic, fluoride-containing solutions but is not resistant to organic solvents. It is suitable for:

  • the determination of sodium
  • titration of etching baths
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Electrode plug-in head Plug connector 5.5 mm
Max. installation length (mm) 125
Measuring range 0...60 °C
Measuring unit °C
Min. immersion depth (mm) 15
Shaft diameter bottom (mm) 12
Shaft diameter top (mm) 12
Shaft material Glass
Shaft material (completion) PVDF coated glass