• 10-9-2019

    Know your ions – overcoming the limits of HPLC with ion chromatography

    What’s the difference between High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Ion Chromatography (IC)? What are the capabilities and limitations of each technique? Knowing these differences can actually make a huge difference. As a proven, robust and highly versatile technique, IC can help HPLC users extend their analytical capabilities tremendously. Our free white paper compares the two methods systematically focusing on the strengths of ion chromatography.

  • 20-8-2019

    Metrohm ion chromatography systems integrated in Agilent OpenLab CDS

    By controlling Metrohm ion chromatographs, Agilent’s new chromatography data system (CDS) OpenLab has become yet more powerful. The major benefit for the analysis is that users can now perform all their chromatographic applications on one and the same universal software platform.
  • 16-8-2019

    How online chemical analysis can help maximize efficiency of chlor-alkali production

    Chlorine and caustic soda are produced together in large quantities primarily through the chlor-alkali process, mainly via the membrane cell electrolysis method. This white paper describes the key focal points of membrane electrolysis and shows how real-time monitoring of critical chemical parameters can help improve robustness and increase efficiency of the chlor-alkali production process.
  • 7-8-2019

    TitrIC flex – fully automated system for comprehensive water analysis

    The complete range of ions typically present in water can now be determined fully automatically with TitrIC flex, the new system from Metrohm for comprehensive water analysis. To this end, TitrIC flex combines titration, direct measurement, and ion chromatography. Results from all three methods are collected in a common database and edited in a shared report.
  • 7-8-2019

    Thermometric titration – fast and highly accurate determination of metal organic compounds

    Due to their highly reactive nature, metal organic compounds require sophisticated sample preparation. Butyl lithium, a rather instable compound, which readily reacts with water and oxygen, is an example. For quality control and further usage it is therefore important to determine their exact content. With thermometric titration, Metrohm offers a method that is fast, robust, and very reliable for measuring metal organic compounds.
  • 30-7-2019

    Quality control of NPK fertilizers – Rapid and reliable analysis by thermometric titration

    Metrohm is pleased to present several titrimetric applications for the fast and straightforward of macronutrients such as sulfate, ammonium, potassium, and phosphate in NPK fertilizers. The reaction endpoint is determined using a thermometric sensor. Unlike competing methods such as gravimetric analysis or flame photometry, thermometric titration usually requires no sample preparation at all, and it is also faster, more robust, and easier to use.
  • 29-7-2019

    Water in lithium ion battery materials – Reliable and precise determination by Karl Fischer titration

    Lithium ion batteries are energizing the current mega trend towards electrical mobility. One of the key requirements of lithium ion batteries is that they must be free of water, because water reacts with the conducting salt of the electrolyte. A proven and reliable method to measure the water content in the electrolyte matrix of lithium ion batteries directly is coulometric Karl Fischer titration.
  • 29-7-2019

    Ammonium – fast and robust determination according to current ISO, EPA, and ASTM standards using direct measurement

    Determination of ammonium is one of the most crucial applications for sectors such as water and waste water analysis, fertilizers, and others. Metrohm Application Bulletin AB-133 describes the determination of Ammonium by ion measurement according to ISO 6778, EPA 359.2, EPA 305.3, and ASTM D1426. Tips & Tricks on how on how to deal with possible interferences, sample preparation, and handling of the ammonia ion selective electrode are also covered.
  • 8-5-2019

    Metrohm Process Analytics - de favoriete partner van de procesindustrie voor online natchemische analyse

    «Samen de grenzen verleggen»– dat is het motto van Metrohm Process Analytics, het merk van de wereldwijd opererende dochteronderneming van de Metrohm Group die zich specifiek richt op de procesindustrie. Op maat gemaakte online analyzers van Metrohm Process Analytics stellen klanten in staat om belangrijke kwaliteitsparameters in verschillende processtromen te monitoren om zo de productopbrengst te verhogen, de kosten te verlagen en te voldoen aan veiligheids- en milieuregels.
  • 7-5-2019

    New polymer brochure

    Metrohm is pleased to present «Polymer and plastics analysis» – a new brochure focusing on quality control in the polymer industry. The brochure includes the latest norms, standards, and applications and can be downloaded for free.
  • 16-4-2019

    Eco Titrator – new titration platform provides extraordinary value for money

    Tougher regulations apply to ever more industries. Small manufacturers in particular are struggling with compliance. Metrohm supports these businesses with a new, highly affordable titration platform that helps them take their quality control to the next level.
  • 5-4-2019

    Straightforward analysis of quality parameters in e-cigarettes

    Accuracy and speed are two important arguments when it comes to determination of quality parameters in e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Metrohm has published three new Applications Notes (AN) describing the determination of nicotine, glycerin, and water in these liquid mixtures. All three methods are time-saving and reliable solutions. The Application Notes are available for download for free.
  • 3-4-2019

    Total sodium in foodstuffs – new video explains the better determination method

    A commonly used method for quantifying sodium in foodstuffs is to determine chloride and subsequently deduce the sodium concentration from the 1:1 stoichiometry of sodium chloride. This method involves errors because sodium is not only present with chloride as the counterion. A direct thermometric titration method for sodium solves this problem. In a new Metrohm Application Video, Lucia Meier, product specialist titration at Metrohm International Headquarters, presents this method.
  • 2-4-2019

    De nieuwe Eco Titrator combineert gebruiksgemak en bedieningscomfort met precisie, nauwkeurigheid en Zwitserse kwaliteit tegen een betaalbare prijs.

    Wanneer er iets misgaat in de kwaliteitscontrole, kan dat al snel de reputatie van het betreffende merk schaden. Het is dan ook verstandig om risico's hierop zo goed als mogelijk uit te sluiten. Met de nieuwe Metrohm Eco Titrator is dit eenvoudig te realiseren. Dit platform maakt titraties zo eenvoudig, veilig en betrouwbaar dat iedereen ze kan uitvoeren en daarmee juiste resultaten kan verkrijgen.
  • 2-4-2019

    The 2060 MARGA – a re-invented way of air quality monitoring

    Ambient air quality is critical for our health and the environment. According to the World Health Organization 91% of the world population lives in places where the WHO air quality guideline levels are not met. To monitor the air quality, Metrohm Process Analytics has re-invented the well-known Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air (MARGA) as the 2060 MARGA.
  • 12-3-2019

    Titration – fully automated determination of chloride in dairy products

    Metrohm has published three new application notes (ANs) describing the fully automated determination of chloride in milk, milk powder, cheese, and salted butter as per AOAC, ISO, and IDF. Automation provides for higher sample throughput and better reproducibility, thus increasing efficiency and reliability of results.
  • 1-3-2019

    Knowing the real corrosion potential of fuel ethanol – measuring pHe according to ASTM D6423

    Excessive acidity in alcohol based fuels accelerates engine corrosion. Total Acid Number (TAN) accounts for all titratable acids regardless of their strength and is therefore not suitable to accurately predict the corrosion potential. pHe, on the other hand measures the strength of the acids present in the sample. Therefore, pHe is the better parameter for manufacturers to monitor the corrosion potential, maintain the quality of their product, and maximize profits.
  • 1-3-2019

    Fully automated water conductivity testing safeguards compliance with USP<645>

    USP<645> describes conductivity as key parameter for measuring the purity of ultrapure water and water for injection. Compliance with USP<645> is key for manufacturers from the pharmaceutical industry. However, following the three stage test procedure defined by the standard can be a challenge, particularly if the testing is performed manually. A dedicated Metrohm system provides a fully automated solution to this challenge reducing the risk of error while increasing productivity.
  • 5-2-2019

    Metrohm en B&W Tek bundelen krachten en brengen Raman-spectroscopie naar een hoger niveau

    Met de overname van B&W Tek LLC door het Zwitserse Metrohm AG in juli 2018 is een van de grootste aanbieders van oplossingen voor toegepaste Raman-spectroscopie gevormd. Klanten van over de hele wereld zullen profiteren van de krachtenbundeling van deze technologieleiders op het gebied van Raman-spectroscopie. Dat is de boodschap die Metrohm en B&W Tek willen uitdragen naar de markt. Naast het gevestigde distributienetwerk van B&W Tek leveren inmiddels ook een aantal dochterbedrijven van Metrohm het volledige assortiment van de B&W Tek productlijn.
  • 29-1-2019

    A unique choice of sampling attachments makes Mira Flex the most versatile handheld Raman system in the market

    Smart Attachments set the Mira Flex handheld material identification system apart from the competition. We design advanced tips that facilitate acquisitions and track sampling. Diverse attachments for Mira systems enable straightforward sampling of substances of virtually any kind; be they powders, liquids, or solids.
  • 8-1-2019

    OMNIS – an integrated approach to increase productivity and efficiency in the modern laboratory

    OMNIS is the high-end titration system from Metrohm. It provides users with the possibility to consolidate their wet chemical analysis on a universal platform. With this comes the flexibility to expand and customize this platform as their business grows. Automation possibilities hitherto simply not available help taking productivity to the next level.