Przegląd norm stosowanych w przemyśle chemicznym

Parameter Standard Matrix  Method
Total acidity ASTM E223
Sulfuric acid
Bromine index
D1492 (in D4077 & 7125)
D2710 (in D4077 & 7125)
ASTM D5776
ASTM D1492
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Hydroxyl groups ASTM E1899 Aliphatic and cyclic compounds and phenol
Trace chloride D5194 (in D2359) Liquid aromatic hydrocarbons
Pyridine bases ASTM D4471 Cresylic acid
Organically combined sulfuric anhydride ASTM D5351 General
 Water ASTM D7375 Aromatic hydrocarbons KFT
ASTM E203 General
ASTM E1064 (in D2359) Organic liquids
Anions ASTM E1787 Caustic soda and caustic potash Ion chromatography
Chloride ASTM D5194 Liquid aromatic hydrocarbons
Fluorine, chlorine, sulfur ASTM D7359 (in D2359) Aromatic hydrocarbons and their mixtures Combustion Ion chromatography