Process Ion Chromatograph

Reliable multicomponent analysis for online process monitoring and control.

The Process Ion Chromatograph from Metrohm Process Analytics is a complete and flexible system for online monitoring of ionic compounds in aqueous media from ng/L to % concentrations. With one injection, analyze multiple components with automated, intelligent inline sample preparation and injection techniques.

A wide range of analytical columns, detectors, and additional equipment is available from Metrohm to adapt your application to almost any process requirement.
Process Ion Chromatograph with users

Key features

  • High precision analyses for a wide spectrum of analytes with multiple types of detectors.
  • Inline eluent preparation ensures consistently stable baselines, and autonomous operation can be expanded by integrating an optional ultrapure water system.
  • Configurable: measure several sample streams for easy process monitoring anywhere in your plant.
  • Fully automated sampling and calibration: Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation and process stream preconditioning solutions by Metrohm Process Analytics.
  • Safe, rugged enclosure designed to IP65 specifications is ideal for process environments.

Process Ion Chromatograph systems (2)

From the lab to the process

The built-in Metrohm ion chromatograph is at the heart of the measurement, designed for autonomous operation with absolute reliability, based on our decades of experience as a leader in this technique.

Many laboratory methods developed over the years by our experts at Metrohm can be transferred directly to the Process Ion Chromatograph, making the move from labor-intensive checks to continuous online monitoring effortless.

The Process IC is available in two setups: the Process IC ONE and TWO, which differ in the number of measurement channels and detectors. Either setup can be connected to up to 20 process points for time-saving sequential analysis at multiple areas inside the plant.

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Save even more time with modules and other options

With integrated liquid handling and eluent production, the Process IC makes calibration and validation as simple as pressing a button.

Also included inside the analytical compartment are nine configurable modules for more application freedom, such as sample pretreatment or connecting up to 20 more process steams.

The Process IC requires ultrapure water to run analyses. For secure operation and convenience, ultrapure water can be continuously generated inline with the PURELAB® flex 5/6 from ELGA®. This is the only instrument on the market with a pressureless water feed option, meaning less wear and less replacement of the purification packs, saving you money.

Focused applications, no matter which industry

IC is a flexible analytical method suitable for nearly any industrial application involving ionic or weakly-ionized analytes in aqueous solutions.

Frequently, IC is utilized in the power sector to measure corrosion indicators and inhibitors as well as to monitor the purity of water in different areas of the plant. Its low detection limits and superior baseline stability enable analysis of trace impurities – even in ultrapure water. The large array of analytes able to be detected makes the Process IC ideal for environmental and wastewater monitoring.

Even acidic plating baths such as those found in the semiconductor or automotive industries can be monitored easily with the Process IC, keeping raw material costs down. Additionally, MagIC Net software on the ion chromatograph is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, providing the full audit trail traceability necessary for pharmaceutical applications.

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Software optimized for process environments

ProcessLab Manager software with its intuitive, user-friendly interface serves as an interface for process communication.

Service reminders, reagent level alarms, and other notifications can be controlled by the PLM software, with different user management options for operators and administrators. In the background, MagIC Net 3.1 controls the IC, extension modules, and devices for liquid handling and automation.

Trend charts can be generated for any analyte measured in every sample stream, with programmable warning and intervention limits. The continuous monitoring of control values as well as the presentation of relevant parameters allows easy identification of process optimization changes and other events.